Wrap Invitation Sets

What is a "wrap" invitation?

The wrap takes the place of an inner envelope.  The wrap is a very attractive way to "wrap together" 
your invitation with all of your inclusions such as your RSVP card, direction card, reception card, etc.  
You can choose to close the wrap with a bow, clip or nothing at all.  You may want to add a dried flower to your flap as seen below.

Our newest wrap, the "pocket" wrap has a convenient pocket to nicely present all of your inclusion cards.  You may want to choose a dried flower to decorate your flap closure or a ribbon or clip.

Spring showers wrap with lokta panel invite.

Choose from our large assortment of florals or solid-colored papers for your wrap.

Floral wrap with cranberry panel invite
Cranberry wrap with floral panel invite




Our new "vineyard" invitation features a natural lokta panel with a hand-chalked grapevine sketch and a deckled edge bottom.  Enclose it in a "grape colored" wrap with a natural deckle flap.  This style can be used with any motif or image you would like and can be encased in any colored or floral wrap.

handmade paper invitations group
Assorted lokta Wraps 
Monogram Seal 
Heart Clip, Blow Closure


(close-up of grapevine)

Gold Speckled Natural Lokta Wrap  

Natural Lokta Wrap and 
Navy lokta wrap speckled with silver
Heart Clip
daisy handmade paper invitation

Daisy Panel Card and Victorian Warp with burgundy tie



Pink Petal Tissue Wrap
Swirl Clip





Lokta Color Assortment                                                      Two speckled wraps

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