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Petal Press Handmade Scrapbooks

Petal Press scrapbook albums are a perfect way to display those scrapbook pages you have worked so hard on.  Each album can be completely personalized to fit your personality.  Petal Press albums grow with you.  There is no end to how you can personalize your Petal Press album to distinctly represent you.  Scrapbooks are available in ribbon-bound, post-bound or three-ring style.

cheerleader bear handmade scrapbook How about a cheerleader bear designed in your school colors. Tiny blue tennies handmade scrapbook Lokta ribbon bound album with blue tennies tied with french knots.
lilac princess dress handmade scrapbook Ballerina or princess dress hanging from a shelf upon which rests a bouquet of flowers. Black photo cover scrapbook Choose an elegant scrapbook or photo album made from any paper in our large selection.
pink baby doll dress handmade scrapbook Pink baby doll dress hanging from shelf upon which rests a teddy bear and rubber ducky. Sage bear scrapbook America's favorite scruffy teddy bear adorns this three-ring scrapbook with a wooden button and jute closure.
Raggedy Ann and Andy handmade scrapbook Everyone's favorite Raggedy Ann and Andy in a ribbon-bound album with French knots.  Choose any style album for this timeless pair. tea party scrapbook Tea party anyone?
blue photo cover 8x8 handmade scrapbook Our decorative posts bind this photo cover 8x8 album.  Choose from scrapbook pages, photo insert pages.....or both! fishing bear scrapbook How about a woodsy album with a fishing theme?
Lion handmade paper scrapbook Our version of the "Jungle Book". blue buggy handmade scrapbook Blue baby buggy with decorative star posts bind this baby book available with scrapbook pages, photo album insert pages....or both!
ballerina handmade scrapbook This ballerina bear looks ready to twirl right off the cover! ballerina bunny handmade scrapbook This dainty ballerina bunny is perfect for any little girl with lots of photos to scrap
baby bunny handmade scrapbook Super soft suede floppy-eared bunny with peach accent paper. pink tennies scrapbook Tiny pink tennies look ready to step into.
blue jammies handmade scrapbook Blue jammies with a thoroughly huggable teddy sitting on a shelf along with a sailboat blue photo handmade scrapbook Soccer ball posts bind this darling photo cover photo album
pink baby buggy handmade scrapbook An old fashioned buggy adorns this photo album perfect for the new addition lilac mesh 6x6 handmade scrapbook This lilac mesh 6x6 scrapbook is bound by daisy posts.  Choose any color of  paper for your cover
Mom's taxi handmade scrapbook Mom's taxi makes a  perfect album for all those kid sports photos    

  Scrapbook Details

Ribbon-bound albums come in large and medium size (12" x 12" and 8-1/2 x 11 size pages) with 20 heavyweight, felt weave near-white pages suitable for mounting photos.  The pages have "self-spacers" allowing for even expansion when photos are mounted.  Pages are all acid-free. 

Post-Bound albums are available in 12" x 12", 8" x 8", and 6" x 6" size.  They come with a decorative screw post that is not hidden by a flap.  We have a selection of decorative posts to choose from.  Click on the Decorative Posts page for further information and photos of posts.  

flower decorative scrapbook posts Heart decorative scrapbook posts soccer ball decorative scrapbook posts Star decorative scrapbook posts
When choosing cover papers for your scrapbook, keep in mind how often the book will be handled and whether it will be mostly displayed or handled by a child.  The petals and leaves will flake off somewhat so choose a paper that can stand up to the amount of handling that is required. 
There are many cover themes available.  For some more ideas, click embellishments page.  If you have a special request, feel free to call and The Petal Press will search until we find just the right embellishment you are looking for to represent you.  If you have a favorite hobby or are a collector, you can have a scrapbook that matches that part of your personality.  The only limit is your imagination.

 Priced as below (plus shipping and handling)
12" x 12" Albums and Scrapbooks
Three-Ring, Ribbon-Bound or Post-Bound 

Plain Cover              
 Photo Cut-Out Cover       $49.99
Embellished Cover              $59.99


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