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basic ivory - 1.5" , 2"

bright navy - 1.5"

pale yellow - 2"

rose pink - 2"

silver mist - 1.5"

navy blue - 1.5"

lilac - 1.5"

two-tone green woven - 1.5"

light pink - 2"

bright gold - 1.5"
champagne crush - 1.5"
burgundy - 1.5", 2"
gold edge ivory - 2"

wine - 2" 

bright purple - 2" 
two-tone silky beige - 1.5"

pale burgundy - 1.5"

baby blue - 2"


gold crush - 1.5"




willow - 1.5"


pewter crush - 1.5"

If you are selecting a ribbon-bound album, choose from the ribbon selections above.  Choose your desired ribbon width (1-1/2" or 2") and color.  Keep in mind what effect you are trying to achieve.  For a more formal or "elegant" look, consider choosing a neutral or subtle color.  Choose whether you want a bow, which provides a more soft or "romantic" effect and can be tied in the center or  top corner, or whether you want a french knot tied at each hole and no bow.  To see examples, see the wedding album and scrapbook album pages.

If you do not find the color of ribbon you are looking for, please call us as new and exciting color choices are constantly being added to present inventory.  Please keep in mind that the colors represented above may appear different on your computer screen.