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Handmade Papers
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  •  If you are ordering an album, choose your cover paper from the assortment of handmade papers below.

  • Choose a paper for the main album as well as an accent paper  for scrapbooks. 

  •  If you are ordering invitations, choose your panel card or wrap from the papers below.

    Please keep in mind that some flaking and shedding of petals and leaves is natural with handmade paper and to be expected.  For albums requiring frequent use (such as scrapbooks), a choice of a solid color or a paper with few petals and leaves may be preferred for the main body of the album.  We are constantly adding to our paper inventory.  If you are looking for a specific paper color or inclusion and cannot find it on this page, please call.  We constantly have new papers coming in that may not yet be on the web site.  If we do not have it in stock, we will do our best to find exactly what you are looking for.  Because handmade paper is a natural product, a certain plant or flower may be seasonal and not available at the time of ordering.  For this reason, we suggest you make a first and second choice of handmade papers.


pink petal/
detached leaf, no stems

Pink Petals
detached leaves/stems

Pink Rain

Bamboo leaves/ 
tiny purple petal

Bamboo leaves/
 pink petal, jute
 Green Hearts
Blue Blossoms
 Blue Buds

  Bouquet of Flowers
Pink Blossoms
 Ivy Petals 


Yellow Daisies


Orange and Yellow Daisies

Sweet Nothings

Golden Lilac 

Pink Tamarind Mulberry

Plum Tamarind Mulberry

Plain White Mulberry

Yellow Petal Grass

Blue Petal Grass

Blue with Silk Strands

Green Apple Mesh

Lilac Mesh

White Mesh

Sage mesh

Cream Mesh

Chocolate Brown Lokta
(light or dark)

Black Lokta

Cactus lokta

Baby blue lokta

Sage green lokta
(light or dark)

Cranberry lokta

Christmas Red lokta

Navy blue lokta

Deep Purple lokta

Natural lokta

Terra Cotta lokta

Lavender  lokta

Baby Pink Lokta

Mauve Pink Lokta

Natural Lokta Tissue
Invitations Only

Purple Tie-Dye

Bright Pink Tie-Dye

Orange Tie-Dye

Blue Petal Tissue
Invitations Only

Pink Petal Tissue
Invitations Only

Thai Garden Tissue
Invitations Only

Yellow Petal Tissue
Invitations Only

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