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handmade invitations from .99 each

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special !!!!  with any purchase of $300 or more, you will receive your choice of a wedding guest book or photo album up to $60.00 in value at no cost.  

cranberry lokta panel
thai garden tissue
heart brad
  handmade paper invitations group
assorted lokta wraps 
monogram seal 
heart clip, blow closure 

gogold speckled natural lokta wrap  

sage lokta wrap
heart clip
panel style handmade paper invitation
natural lokta panel
thai garden tissue
gold swirl clip

pink petal tissue wrap
swirl clip

sage lokta panel card with 
printed vellum clipped on top of photo 


handmade paper invitation with spiral clip
nnavy lokta panel
grass panel
swirl clips  burgundy speckled 

bbbnatural lokta wrap and 
navy lokta wrap speckled with silver



sage lokta panel with gold clip
petal paper panel card with bow

daisy handmade paper invitation

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              petal paper assortment


assorted lokta wraps
bow and calla closure

sage mesh panel with thai garden tissue


blue lokta
heart clip

cream mesh
heart clip

purple lokta
swirl clip

blue lokta
monogram seal

light sage lokta
heart seal

cranberry lokta
heart clip

sage lokta
monogram seal

sage mesh
swirl clip

invitation details

the petal press offers handmade paper invitations to match your guest book or album. 
l(see wedding books page for albums and guest books and see handmade papers for paper selection.)

invitations come either assembled or unassembled.  assembled invitations are printed, punched and the vellum attached with a ribbon that matches your guest book should you choose.....all you have to do is put them in envelopes, address them, and send them out!  unassembled invitations come with blank vellum which is already cut and punched ready to print your own announcement, handmade paper cards which are already punched, ribbon color of your choice, and square flap envelopes (white or cream).  you print your own announcement (or have your local printer do it), and attach the vellum and ribbon.  this is a great money-saver for all of you "do-it-yourselfers".

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we can also supply you with "thank you" cards from the same  paper for an extra special "thank you" for your wedding guests and attendants.  or, present them with a thank you favor.  this is a 2-3/4" by 4" natural lokta handmade envelope.  inside is a natural lokta card with a verse, thank you, and the couple's name.  included are wildflower seeds that your guests can plant as a living memento of your special day.

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the petal press has available rsvp cards from the natural lokta which are available printed or plain.  these are easy to use with your home printer.  these come as 3-1/2" by 5" panel cards with envelopes .  these are all postal service approved.  program paper is also available at 8-1/2" x 11" or can be cut any size you choose.  it comes with or without the natural deckled bottom edge.  this is a beautiful natural paper that prints well with all types of laser and ink jet printers.

for samples of the fonts available, please see our invitation fonts page.  it is possible some fonts may not transfer to your computer.  if you would prefer, we would be happy to send you a style sheet with samples of the  many fonts available.


invitation description assembled


5"x7" panel with printed vellum or tissue overlay attached with ribbon.  includes milled envelope.


 $ .99

5"x7" panel with printed vellum or tissue overlay attached with clip or brad.  includes envelope.


 $ .99

wrap (finished size 5"x7") with panel card insert (unattached)  includes handmade envelope



wrap (finished size 5"x7") with panel card insert (attached)  includes handmade envelope




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extra clips

.15 ea

extra faux wax seals

.15 ea

splattering .20 ea


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card with handmade envelope



printed enclosure cards


simple rsvp card with handmade envelope

$0.75 ea

layered rsvp card with handmade envelope 

$1.00 ea

large uncut sheets of handmade paper

$3.25 ea

printed programs 




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